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Discover the power of counselling, a transformative talking therapy guided by skilled therapists. We provide a safe space for you to be heard, understood, and supported in navigating through your emotional challenges. Together, we’ll find effective ways to overcome and cope with any issues you may be facing.


I’m Lisa

I started my career not really knowing what I wanted to do, but I knew I liked people.  I’ve always enjoyed listening to and talking to people, hearing their story, what makes them tick. From a very early age I wanted to be a counsellor, but felt I needed some life experience behind me to give me some credibility.  I’ve held many jobs over the years from being a bar maid, a soldier in the Territorial Army, a university lecturer, and a business advisor and now a counsellor.


My Services


Bereavement is a complex journey of adjusting to loss, and it is completely normal for individuals to experience a wide range of emotions. There is no right or wrong way to feel during this period as everyone copes in their unique way. Grief can manifest unexpectedly, causing anger, withdrawal, or even numbness. In some cases, grief can also trigger mental health conditions like depression. At LisaJListens, we understand the challenges that come with bereavement and are here to support you on your healing journey. Our compassionate Counselling and talk therapy services provide a safe space for you to express your emotions, process your grief, and find your path to healing. Book an appointment with Lisa today and take the first step towards healing and self-discovery.

Living with depression can be an uphill battle, as it manifests in various forms. Some days, it feels like an insurmountable task to even get out of bed, while other days, you may find yourself more capable of tackling your everyday responsibilities. The impact of depression is not limited to the individual suffering; it also affects those around them. Coping with this mood disorder is undeniably challenging, and requires support and understanding from loved ones. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, remember that you are not alone. Seek help and embrace the journey towards healing and well-being.
Self-esteem is the way we perceive and value ourselves; essentially, it’s the opinion we hold of ourselves. This can be influenced by lots of different things, from past experiences and our childhoods to life events. While these beliefs can be misplaced, they can feel very difficult to change. LisaJListens is here to help you overcome low self-esteem and develop a positive self-image. Through compassionate counseling and talk therapy, we provide a safe space for you to explore your emotions, challenge negative beliefs, and build the confidence you deserve. Book an appointment with Lisa today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Anxiety can be an overwhelming force that distorts our perception, leading us to believe that things are far worse than they actually are. This powerful emotion can cripple us, preventing us from accomplishing even the simplest of everyday tasks or stepping foot outside our own homes. Unlike stress, which may come and go as we navigate life’s challenges, anxiety can linger, casting a shadow on our lives even when its cause remains unknown. It’s a persistent presence, lurking in the depths, ready to strike at any given moment.

When might YOU need Counselling?

Are you facing a significant life event that has left you feeling shocked or overwhelmed? It’s normal to experience emotions like depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and anxiety without fully understanding their origins. Past experiences may be holding you back from living the life you desire. Do you feel stuck, lacking direction, or trapped in a cycle of boredom? Are you struggling to manage a troubled relationship? Without the knowledge and support to overcome these challenges, it’s easy to feel lost and trapped. You might even recognize self-destructive patterns causing pain for yourself and those around you. Emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness, or loneliness could be affecting your daily life, leaving you in an uncomfortable place. But there is hope. Counselling can provide the guidance you need to navigate these feelings and find a path forward.

Lisa j Listens, Counselling

Overcome your challenges with personalized support. Feeling overwhelmed? Understand and address emotions like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Gain direction and break free from cycles of boredom. Improve troubled relationships with expert guidance. Escape self-destructive patterns causing pain. Find hope in counseling. Book an appointment with Lisa for healing and self-discovery.

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