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Hitting a crisis point in your life can be scary. The idea of counseling can be daunting, often surrounded by the mystery of what to expect. At LisaJListens, I provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk to a trained professional about your issues and concerns. Together, we will explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, allowing you to develop a better understanding of yourself and others. My approach focuses on helping you find your own solutions, whether that involves making effective changes in your life or finding ways to cope with your problems. I believe in YOU and your ability to overcome challenges.

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At LisaJListens, we understand that self-esteem is the foundation of our well-being. It shapes how we see ourselves and influences our experiences in life. Low self-esteem can manifest in various ways, such as negative self-talk, self-criticism, and feelings of sadness or worthlessness. It can be challenging to change these beliefs, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our personalized counseling and therapy provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore and overcome your low self-esteem. It’s about YOU, supporting YOU on your journey to building a positive self-image and embracing your true worth.
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At LisaJListens, we understand the complex and emotional journey of navigating bereavement. The powerful emotions that arise during this time can fluctuate as we progress through different stages, and everyone experiences them in their own unique way. Whether you are in the process of accepting your loss, adapting to life without your loved one, or seeking a new path for your grief, our personalized counseling and talking therapy provide a secure and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors..

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Anxiety overwhelms, hindering even simple tasks. At LisaJListens, we empathize with anxiety’s impact, which varies for each individual. Racing heartbeats, sleep troubles, panic attacks—these disruptive symptoms can leave you feeling helpless. We understand the distress of not knowing the cause, offering a safe and confidential space for personalized counseling and therapy. Let us guide you in conquering anxiety, equipping you with tools for a confident and resilient life. It’s about YOU, finding support and overcoming YOUR challenges.


Depression, a mood disorder, poses challenges for individuals and their loved ones. It affects daily tasks and overall well-being, with symptoms including worthlessness, anxiety, tearfulness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, diminished pleasure in life, low self-esteem, excessive guilt, dwindling motivation, loss of interest in activities, disrupted sleep patterns, eating habits, fatigue, headaches, stomach upsets, chronic pain, changes in speaking patterns, libido, and the menstrual cycle. Depression extends beyond the individual, leading to neglect of hobbies, isolation, decreased social activities, and declining work productivity. At LisaJListens, we offer safe and confidential personalized counseling and talking therapy to help you overcome your struggles.

The Person Centred Approach


During our initial meeting, we will provide you with a confidential contract and take the time to understand your goals and concerns. We will discuss the length of your sessions, the ethical body we operate under, and the boundaries that ensure your comfort and safety. While we emphasize the importance of confidentiality, we also want you to be aware of exceptions that may necessitate breaking that confidentiality. These exceptions include situations involving harm to yourself or others, money laundering, acts of terrorism, drug trafficking, or child protection issues. We also want to assure you that our approach is non-directional, allowing you to explore and address the underlying causes of your distress. Rest assured, at LisaJListens, it’s all about you and supporting you on your journey towards personal growth and overcoming challenges.


At LisaJListens, we believe that the middle, or challenging stage, of your counselling sessions is where true progress is made. This is when our experienced listener uses their skills in listening and responding to develop a deep rapport with you. Through empathetic understanding, reflecting, paraphrasing, and appropriate questioning, we create a safe space for you to explore and understand your emotions. We know that this can be a transformative experience, as you move from disconnected understanding to a place where you can truly comprehend your feelings in relation to your experiences. Our personalised approach includes personalisation reflections such as ‘You feel X because of Y,’ enabling you to gain valuable insight into your emotions and their meanings. 


At LisaJListens, we fully recognize and value the significance of the final phase within your counseling sessions. As this transformative journey draws to a close, our dedicated listener takes every measure to ensure that your thoughts and emotions are not only acknowledged but truly understood. With great care and empathy, they present a comprehensive summary of the context and material that has been discussed, creating a secure and nurturing environment that encourages deep reflection and emotional processing. Trust in LisaJListens as your guiding support system, as we walk alongside you, step by step, toward an uplifting outcome. Our primary focus is on YOU and your quest for closure and personal growth in the exploration of self-discovery.

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Overcome your challenges with personalized support. Feeling overwhelmed? Understand and address emotions like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Gain direction and break free from cycles of boredom. Improve troubled relationships with expert guidance. Escape self-destructive patterns causing pain. Find hope in counseling. Book an appointment with Lisa for healing and self-discovery.

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